Every business, especially start-ups, need new customers and hence spend a great deal  of their limited time engaged in prospecting. The most common mistake they make is depending overtly on "cold calling". It is definitely one of the ways, it is absolutely not the most effective one. In fact, as stated below, there are quite a few other ones out there. A better idea is to mix them up and see what works best, because  converting a "cold prospect" into a "warm client" is not an exact science but rather an art that is perfected over years of trial & error .
1. REFERRALS - MAke friends & influence people.
2. CONTENT MARKETING - Educations based marketing.
3. NETWORKING - Meeting people & promoting your product / service.
8. FOOT PROSPECTING - Going Door to Door
9. ADVERTISING - When you do have the money
What do you think? Do you have a better approach you would like to share? If you need help acquiring new customers or retaining the existing ones, feel free to contact us.


12/10/2016 8:53am

Such a good points shared in that blog according to prospecting the new customers for your company. However, you should have to satisfy the customer in every way.

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