New Zealand sets the benchmark for this explosively flavoured style, which typically assails the senses with green capsicum (bell-pepper) and gooseberry characters through to lush passionfruit and tropical fruit overtones. Outgoing, pungent and crisp!


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08/05/2017 2:37am

New Zealand has been making a huge difference in the market! We all know anything about wines, but what we don't know is where they came from. I'm sure only wine experts have the right knowledge about this matter that's why this visual presentation is a good way of uplifting New Zealand's image in terms of wine making. They produce good quality of wines, a fact that most of the people don't know for sure! Thank you for that information!

08/20/2017 11:03pm

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08/21/2017 12:26am

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10/11/2017 7:18pm

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