Coffee contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and few dietary proteins. Even thought caffeine can have positive effects, over consumption may cause negative results. See if the reward is worth the risk.


03/28/2016 8:36am

Coffee consumption by the humans is inevitable in the extreme and immense cold weather. It is the need and demand of the body of the western and Europeans. It is the requirement of the body and for this purpose, it is done and invited.

07/13/2016 7:22pm

Of course, everything has to be in moderation. Too much of everything is bad. Though I really love coffee especially in the morning, I can feel how bad it can be whenever I drink of it too much. I become nauseous and just wanted to scrape my stomach. I am having trouble in sleeping at night. Thank you for further enlightening us about coffee with the use of this good infographic.

01/24/2017 5:51am

HOW about a cafezinho, freshly made and piping hot? For some, this custom is on the wane, but Brazilians still enjoy the fame of drinking coffee from early morning till late at night.


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