This infographic provides a deeper look into the numbers behind America's love of wine.


05/16/2016 2:53am

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10/18/2016 12:29am

We all know that dating is hard: the awkward silences, the nerves of the first kiss, the fear of flatulence in an intimate moment. Yes, dating is hard on so many fronts, including knowing what wine to order on the very first date.

05/30/2017 1:10am

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06/08/2017 1:13am

Wow! It's not really obvious that American have a quite obsession with wines, is it? This infographic is so helpful rather than putting it into words one by one. This is just a simple proof that an infographic is enough to inform readers especially of the topic is all about data. Thank you for posting it. We've also seen how their love for wines has evolved too!


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