With over 1,300 different wine grapes out there how do you find wines you'll like? Discover similar tasting wines with this chart of almost 200 different types of wine. Organized by style and then flavor, it's easy to see the taste relationships and look for synonymous wines. A great exploratory tool for a wine lover.
How drunk you get depends on how much pure alcohol your drink contains. One way to calculate this is by counting units. One unit is 10 ml of pure alcohol. It takes the average adult around an hour to process this so that there's none left in their bloodstream, although this varies from person to person. The alcohol content in drinks is also expressed as a percentage of the whole drink. Familiarize yourself with the alcohol percentages of your favorite drinks by learning about the alcohol content of wine, beer, and liquor.
An infographic that teaches you all about sparkling wine, how to properly open and serve your next bottle, what those labels mean, and interesting food pairings!
Coffee contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and few dietary proteins. Even thought caffeine can have positive effects, over consumption may cause negative results. See if the reward is worth the risk.