What is the role of business exactly? Is it to create prosperity of society at large or promote greed for a few? 
CommonPrise stands for Common enterprise and my endeavor to highlight how business, if done with the common people in mind and if the middle class is given the opportunity to be entrepreneurial, can bring a great deal of prosperity to the whole world as a whole and will help eradicate poverty and all the ills that come with it.
CommonPrise is more than social enterprise but has its origins in the same philosophy and ideology. CommonPrise about making every employee in every business a stakeholder and integral part of the businesses success plan. 
What we see today is a bloated top down structure in the business hierarchy where the top few have all the power and reap all the benefits while the middle and bottom majority are just working longer and harder for fewer and fewer benefits. Most business owners and leaders want to sell their products to the big middle class but paradoxically balk at paying the same middle class a living wage. If the middle class cannot make a decent living, how will they pay for products or services. This might sound simple and logical but then why are today's business owners doing it?



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