With the way kids are drawn to junk & often unhealthy foods such as soda, chips, candy, etc. one would think that there is no hope and the obesity epidemic might continue to grow. Well, from interactions with my son, I can say that there is still hope. all is not lost. Kids are more open to healthy eating than you might think. They look to us, the adults, to learn healthy eating habits. That's great news because as the below posted infographic shows, there is new statistics which show that parents are becoming more involved and better role models when it comes to nutrition. Restaurants are still far behind the curve but parents expect them to adapt as well.
To many of us, while vegetables are more beneficial and flavorful than meat, they are also more delicate. They can easily lose all their benefits & flavor if not cooked properly or overcooked. Below is a great infographic about how to cook some basic vegetables so that they retain their healthful benefits & flavor for you to enjoy. Please remember, this information is for guidance purposes only and you still need to do your research & due diligence.